How To Go Vegan

Three years ago today I went vegan! It was a long way since I went vegetarian when I was 18 after watching “The Best Speech Ever” by Gary Yuorofsky. At the moment, going vegetarian in Spain was VERY extreme. For years I was the only vegetarian/vegan I knew.
It’s been a loooong journey (where I’ve eaten dairy/eggs by mistake. Why do crips contain milk?), but I think I’ve learnt so many things. You can watch my video “My Vegan Story” clicking here!
Today I’d like to share some tips with you in case you’re considering going vegan /eating more plant-based. Let’s get started!


  1. Get educated!

    You might have different reasons for trying vegan. Maybe the animals. Maybe the environment. Maybe your health. Everyone is different. That’s why I think that you need to know about all the reasons, to find what clicks in your brain.
    The best documentaries to get educated about veganism are:

    Earthlings: All about animal farming techniques to treat and kill animals. It’s difficult to look in the eye at an animal that’s going to die for meat. Ethical vegans will agree that this is one of the most powerful documentaries. Will you kill an animal yourself? Do you have a choice? What’s stopping you? These are some of the questions that I thought to myself when I watched this documentary.

    What the Health: A bit more controversial, as veganism doesn’t equal health. But it is true that you get rid of so many things that are harmful to your body when you go vegan. This documentary is full of doctors that are experts in healing conditions like heart disease, diabetes, cancer… I think it’s a great way to learn more about the benefits of your health of a vegan diet.

    Cowspiracy: Having a sustainable diet is key when there are +7.5 billion people on the Earth. This documentary is the cherry on the icing. You will learn how your diet impact on the planet and you will be able to use this information to make a choice for yourself. It’s very difficult to commit not to use any transport ever, but maybe ditch animal products seam easier!

  2. Take one step at a time

    You don’t need to go vegan overnight. You don’t need to promise you’ll be vegan for life. You don’t need to commit to something you’re not comfortable with. I find so many people don’t even think about going vegan because the full commitment scares them.

    Ok, but what about one vegan meal a day? All vegans started somewhere. All vegans had different experiences transitioning. And that’s why you won’t be judged. You can take it as slow as you feel comfortable with. Don’t stress about rules. Any little change you do will have a massive effect on the planet and the animals, so don’t be discouraged even if it’s only the tiniest contribution.

  3. Eat the way you love to eat

    Vegan is not equal to healthy. You can still eat pizza with vegan cheese and fries. Going vegan doesn’t mean you stop having delicious treats. Eating healthy when you’re vegan is a whole other post.

    It has never been easier to be vegan. You can find a vegan option almost anywhere including big chain restaurants like Zizzi’s, Wagamama, Starbucks, Pret à Manger, etc. There are all sorts of vegan snacks like biscuits, bars, ice cream, doughnuts, cakes nits, crisps… I love eating healthily, but who doesn’t like treats now on then (or every day…).

    What I want to make clear here is that when you go vegan you don’t stop eating things you love. You don’t start just eating plain rice with veggies. It’s exciting and not as restrictive as many people may think. Give it a shot, you’ll be surprised by how many things are accidentally vegan!

  4. Learn to cook delicious food

    Do you love cooking? Would you love to learn? Well going vegan is the perfect opportunity to learn all about new flavours, new recipes, new ingredients! The possibilities are endless.

    Also, learning how to cook began will allow you to bring something to family gatherings and to show your friends that vegan food can actually be delicious. Plus it’ll be great fun for you!

    Some books to get started I would recommend are Deliciously Ella’s books and Eat Smart by Niomi Smart. These books are a great way to learn super delicious recipes that will make you not miss the days when you weren’t vegan.


  5. Get inspired by other vegan people

    Find vegan people near you! It’s difficult to be surrounded by people that don’t understand why you eat the way you eat. But there are loads of people that are vegan. You can go to many events like the ones organized by Vevolution and meet many like-minded people.
    Furthermore, you can follow vegan people on Instagram, join Facebook groups (there are Vegan Facebook groups of almost every city! It’s a great way to make friends), subscribe to vegan people on Youtube, etc.
    I’d encourage you to lose your shyness (if you’re shy) and talk to people that live in the same city and grab a coffee with them!

So here’s a little sum up of my top tips to go vegan! Please, please, please, do let me know if you have any questions at I’m more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Also, make sure you check Veganuary’s webpage, where you can find loads of info about veganism and you can join Veganuary. Alsmot 150000 people have joined already, give it a shot!



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