Stay Motivated To Work Out This Winter



Brrr… It’s so cold outside! The weather has gone from summer to winter overnight and I wasn’t ready at all. Waking up early for a workout has never been so hard. Suddenly, I found asking myself: How on earth am I going to stay on track? I had to find a way.
But don’t worry, I’ve done my research and today, I’ve got a couple of tips I hope will help you to keep the hard work going!!

  1. Make it easy!
    Plan ahead and schedule your workouts. If when you wake up you need to get your clothes, pack your gym bag, find your headphones… you won’t make it. SO, pack your bag and prepare your workout clothes the night before. Make it so easy that when you wake up you automatically put on your workout clothes and head to the gym/for a run/whatever it is that you do for exercise!
  2. Do it at home
    I’ve realised that when it’s cold and dark I just don’t feel like going to the gym. But to be honest, there’s no need to go to the gym to stay fit. Many times I workout at home. I follow a Youtube video or a Sweat at home workout and I’m good. You don’t need fancy equipment to break a sweat and make yourself proud.
  3. Consider changing the time of your workout
    If your schedule allows you, you might want to change the time you exercise. The days are shorter now and if it’s dark when you wake up and also it’s dark in the evenings, you might not feel like working out. But if you train at midday you’ll be more positive about it. Also, if your workout it’s outside it’ll be warmer, lighter and if you’re lucky the sun might be shinning!IMG_3584
  4. Think about the positives
    Getting off track now will affect massively your fitness… But if you keep working out you will stay healthier during the holiday season because you will keep being active and you won’t gain as much weight with all the delicious Christmas treats… Plus, you won’t have to go through going back to the gym after 3 months off. Trust me, it’s painful and horrible. It’s so much more worthy to keep the hard work going. And you know what they say about summer bodies, right?
  5. Feel proud of yourself
    Even if you only make it three times a week to the gym it’ll make a change and be more than nothing at all. It’s the easiest time to quit, but if you’re consistent and you make it through the first tough weeks, you’ll build the habit and become more disciplined. If there’s something I’ve learnt from being consistent with my workouts is that those workouts that you don’t really feel like doing are the ones you need the most and that make you stay on track. When you finish a workout you initially didn’t want to do you’ll feel proud of yourself and that is the best feeling in the world.

Do you have any other tips you’d like to share? Leave them on the comments below! 


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