Live A Better Life With Six New Habits


This weekend, a friend asked me how to become healthier. He has quite an unhealthy lifestyle and found the number of things he could change a little overwhelming. That’s why I decided to share some habits we can all build into our lives live better and feel healthier.

  1. Drink plenty of water
    Honestly, it’s the easiest and most inexpensive thing you can add to your life. You can lose weight, have more energy, get better skin… Up to 60% of you is water, and you should be replacing it through the day. Try a big glass every morning before you do anything else, and another before every meal. Also, carry a water bottle with you. That way, you’ll be more likely to drink all the water your body needs. Can’t wait to see you all glowing!
  2. Get your beauty sleep
    Another basic. But sadly we tend to put it low on our list of priorities. So much in your life can improve with just getting eight hours of sleep. Better mood, better productivity, clearer thinking, less craving for unhealthy food… And I mean, who doesn’t love sleeping?
  3. The 80/20 rule coming your way
    This is not a diet; it’s a basic rule that will help you feel better – eat 80% clean and 20% of whatever you want. It’s difficult to be clean all the time, but you can definitely do it 80% of the time. The 20% is about three meals a week. You can get super healthy and still enjoy your social life without getting anxious about indulging. Give it a shot and you’ll see how your relationship with food improves massively!66DE2DB9-99C6-4287-BEB5-0E23A8333863
  4. Move that body daily
    I don’t mean spend two hours in the gym. I mean, stretch a tiny bit when you wake, try taking the stairs instead of the lift, use your lunch break to go for a walk and get some fresh air, and so on. Be kind to that heart of yours and don’t become too sedentary. The positive vibes (also called endorphins) you get after a little walk will make your day brighter.
  5. Eat more fruit and veg (like honestly, do it)
    You know when Coco Channel said ‘Less is more’? She didn’t mean fruit and veggies. The more you eat of this food group, the better you’ll feel. Could be hidden in a smoothie, dipped in hummus or inside your burrito. But get those fruits and veggies in your system to become an illness-fighting machine (and have the most fabulous hair).6FC7F4BA-A2D2-4824-9103-8549E6720590
  6. Be kind to yourself
    If you’re not kind to yourself, you’re missing out in life. Allow yourself to make mistakes and to fail. Congratulate yourself for everything you’ve achieved or simply for leaving bed today. We can be our own greatest enemies. In my opinion, a healthy lifestyle begins with a healthy relationship with yourself. Be content and let the glow shine from within. Or in other words, don’t be a dick.

Of course I’m not saying do all these at the same time. Start slow and work through the list patiently. Oh, and let me know how you get on please.


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