Why You Should Do More Of What You Love



If you’re stuck doing something you do without passion. If you’re uninspired. And if the only reason to get up every day is because you have to. There’s a chance you’re not looking after yourself and you’re not doing enough of what you love.

While I was living in Paris, I went through a couple of months where I honestly didn’t want to do anything. Like nothing. One day, I went for a walk and I listened to a podcast by GaryVee. I felt so inspired that that day I took my camera out and started a youtube video. I decided that I wanted to take Instagram more seriously and that I had to find something that truly excited me (SPAM: I found yoga).

This has been life changing for me and I want to share the reasons why you should do more of what you love:


  1. You’ll get your creativity back.
    As humans, we’re creative. We have a desire to create. When you spend time doing things you like you let yourself ‘go with the flow’, you’ll cultivate a skill and as a result you’ll feel inspired and you’re creativity will come back.
  2. You’ll be more productive
    Imagine you have to go through six hours of class (or work) that you don’t really enjoy it. But after that you’re going for a run (or you’re going to read a book or paint or whatever you love). Don’t you think you’ll want to be super productive so you can enjoy your time later? Of course you would! You’ll be more motivated!
  3. You’ll be happier
    This one is self-explanatory. But happiness is something that sometimes we don’t put at the top of the list. Just with a small change your life can improve dramatically and help you feel more content with what you have.IMG_5288_preview
  4. You’ll meet people with whom you share a passion.
    Making friends with the same interests as you is life changing. Having a passion is great, but sharing it with other people is the best thing that can happen to you. Since that day I listened to Gary, I’ve made many like-minded friends and they’ve brought so much happiness to my life.
  5. You’ll learn to say yes
    You will be more positive, become more adventurous and you’ll start to say yes to more opportunities because you’ll eliminate the negative self-talk. You’ll feel fulfilled and capable of doing things. There’s nothing better than these feelings, plus positivity will only do you good.



Photos by Noemi Alcaraz



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